Arizona Law

What Does Arizona Consider Social Gambling? Does That Make Online Poker Legal in Arizona?
By Arizona law, social gambling means any form of gambling that is not being run for profit or as part of a business. It also means that all the players in the game are competing against each other on totally equal terms and only against each other. That leaves the door open for home poker games, as long as (and this is spelled out in the state’s laws) the benefit of the gambling taking place is just the amount of money being wagered and nothing else (meaning no rake), as long as all of the players in your home game are 18 years or older, and as long as all the players of the game have an equal risk and potential gain.


25 cents is our popular game – Maximum bet is 25 cents – Maximum raises is three

Other Poker games may have these limits:
50 cents minimum bet – One Dollar Maximum bet – Maximum raises is three

Daily Poker

Texas Holdem – Limits are, 50 cents and 1 dollar, with a three raise limit.  Buy-in is $20.
The game starts at 0800 or when 6 players have arrived.


Omaha High/Low is played with a 25-cent limit.  Buy-in is $6.
The game starts at 1000 am 
(Summer hours start at 1130)



Bridge Tournaments are held every Tuesday At 8:00 a.m.  Sign up early! Entry fee is $2.00.  Select a tally for seating and first round partner. Play is three rounds of 8 hands.  Winners move to the next higher table.  Daily tables of 4 players chose a day of the week and time to play.

Daily Bridge –  Four men agree on a specific day of the week and a time to meet and play Contact or Chicago Bridge.

Various Card Games


The Gin games are played as Daily tables.  Card players may develop their own game of Gin Rummy, Cribbage (the club has a board) or other type of card game to enjoy the fellowship with Club members.